What is OTP?

What is OTP?

It is likely that if you are reading this that you probably already know us, but we will tell you about us anyway…

For native Atlantans, these simple acronyms tell you a lot about the metro area. ITP, or “inside the perimeter,” refers to the Atlanta city limits perfectly outlined by Interstate 285, which forms a loop around the city. OTP, or “outside the perimeter,” contains the suburbs of Atlanta, all with their own characteristics and personalities outside I-285. For many Atlantans, being an ITP-er or an OTP-er is a way of life.

Rob and I are ITP-ers. 

To see the very blunt definition that Urban Dictionary provides – Click here. 

Meet Us: Loves Traveling Together, Festivals, Trying New Things

We met January 2013 at while volunteering at an animal shelter in Atlanta. We both joined a group called Community Bucket (Shout out to Jesse, best way to meet people and do good in Atlanta!) and this was our first event with this organization little did we know that we would find the love of our lives that day!  We kept volunteering and hanging out and discovered that we both loved adventure and wanted to pick up, pack up and see the world.  First we researched to see if this crazy trip was even possible, or merely a pipe dream. When we determined it was, we began planning, all the while trying to live our domestic lives to the fullest.  Together we’ve already shared many adventures and “famous firsts.” (below are just a few)

Meet Athena: 28 – Loves Photography, Baking and Fashion

Athena was born in New York but moved to Georgia quite young and was raised just outside of Atlanta. After finishing school at Kennesaw State, she decided it was time for city life and moved ITP (into Atlanta). She does product support for an Industrial Supply company and loves her job but is ready to travel while she is young and healthy with minimal responsibilities. She loves photography (and will be posting likely too many pictures along our journey), loves baking and fashion (both of which will have to go on hold for the next year since I will have nothing but a backpack to my name)

Meet Rob: 31 – Loves Outdoors, Sports and Fishing

Rob grew up in Pittsburgh, went to Penn State for school and eventually found his way down to Atlanta (after about 5 or 6 moves) where he became a Financial Analyst. He has already traveled through most of Europe and had a couple of trips to South America as a perk of his previous job, but now is looking to do it for pleasure instead. He is an outdoorsman through and through. He loves to hike, fish, camp – you name it.

Meet Theo: 3 – Loves Running Rampant, Cuddling and Foil

Theo is our cat, he is a little rambunctious but also very lovable. He was Athena’s cat to start with and her only animal for a couple of years until he met his best friend Finn. Now he spends many of his days cuddled up next to Dr. Finn. We will be sad to leave him behind, but he will be in good hands with Athena’s parents.



Meet Finn: 5 – Loves Cuddling, Playing with Expensive Dog Toys for Literally 4 Seconds, and His Bed

Dr. Finn was born in a small midwestern town but quickly rose to academic success. He attended Oxford University where he completed medical school and simultaneously obtained three degrees: Cardiology, Child Psychology, and Chinese Arts & Architecture. He speaks 36 languages. He is currently filming for the new X-Man sequel cast as Professor Xavier. The small amount of free time he does have in between his busy life as a doctor and a rising film star, he spends with his BFF Theo on his favorite bed or with us at the park.


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