Sin City

Sin City

What happens in Vegas….Stays in Vegas.

End of Post.


No, kidding! I’ll tell you what we did in Vegas! It was a short trip, but we saw and did a good amount. We stayed at Bally’s so we were center strip. We saw the fountain show at the Bellagio which was magical. We watched the Volcano show which was comical. We saw a Cirque de Soleil show (Mystere) – it was unbelievable. We saw a comedy/magic show Nathan Burton which was amazing. We ate some delicious food. We did some small time gambling and won a small amount of money. We went to a pool party which was a blast and quite refreshing in 110 degree weather. We ran into some old fraternity brothers of Rob’s and went out to one of the best clubs in the world for the night and had a blast! Partied all night. After a few days in Vegas, we both agreed that it was somewhere that we would want to return, however, it is definitely a city that is built for groups rather than with couples. All in all though, I would say Vegas was a success!

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