5 Days and Counting!

5 Days and Counting!

We are just a few days out and it still hasn’t hit me. I don’t think it will until we are actually on the road (even then it might take a little bit).

We moved out of our apartment in Buckhead… what a headache. I wish we would have just sold everything, on the flip side, when we return, I am sure we will be happy we have our things. We are now living with my parents until we leave. It has been great – they have been great. Both of our parents have been very supportive of our decision to leave for so long and skip out on this years holidays. I know that will be the hardest for both of our families (and us as well). My parents are housing our pets for the next year along with various furniture items that didn’t fit in storage. They are also letting us stay with them now and when we return. I can’t thank them enough for what they are doing for us, it surely wouldn’t have been possible if they hadn’t agreed to take both Finn AND Theo and house us when we come back.

We have all of our things spread out in my parents garage and I can see already we probably have way too much, but we will adjust along the way. All we really have left to do is pack the car, our bags and hit the road!

I know I speak for both of us when I say we cannot WAIT for this weekend. We will be having our send-off with all of our friends. Dinner Friday Night and our Annual Boat Party for Saturday followed by dinner Sunday night with my best friend, Meredith, for her birthday. We will post pictures of our celebrations before we go.

We cannot wait to get started. Email us (trulyotptravel@gmail.com) mailing addresses so we can send letters and postcards. We will have more post updates after our big send off weekend.

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