Back to The Yellow

Back to The Yellow

We wanted to get the cheapest flight possible to Sri Lanka and eventually to Bangkok and after hours and hours of searching we found that the most economical point of departure was Rome. We had already spent a fun filled week in Rome and loved it, so we weren’t sure if we could entertain ourselves for another 4 days there having seen many of the sights and much of the city. The savings on two tickets was enough that we were going to find out.

We knew if we were going to spend more time in Rome that we had to go back to our favorite hostel, The Yellow, which we had stayed at during our first week in Rome. You absolutely must stay here if you find yourself in Rome – and if you do stay, find Stanley, tell him you want to go on the party bus and tell him we said what’s up! We promise you will not regret it. The hostel is affordable (which is always first on our search list), location is great – right by a train station, and the atmosphere is unbeatable. From the second we walked in I felt like we had made friends. Everyone who works there is unbelievably friendly and the people we met while staying there were awesome too. They have a bar/restaurant on the ground floor with great food, cheap drinks and something going on every night. It was the best run hostel either of us had ever encountered.

The night we got there they were having a “college party” with sororities and fraternities, beer pong and all the other workings of a college party. First thing was naming heads of the sororities – Tau Iota Tau and Alpha Sigma Sigma as well as naming heads of the fraternities – Κappa Omega Kappa and Delta Iota Chi… all of which have vulgar initials for those of you who didn’t catch on. I became head of TIT and began recruiting “sisters” from around the bar for the evening’s game as did the other heads of the “greek life.” Then the games began – flip cup, beer pong, tug of war, quiz questions. It was a great party. Without getting into too many details, one great moment was the fraternity tug of war which resulted in a tie… as the rope snapped from the superhuman strength of the beer fueled combatants on both sides.

*note: these pictures were taken from the Yellow’s photographer – we just snagged a few off the website… minus the few fuzzy ones from our phone :-P*

We had big plans for our next day, pretty much the only ‘must do’ we had decided for our return visit to the Eternal City. We woke up and headed down for a late brunch and started playing some day drinking games with fellow Yellow’ers. We knew we needed to get a little tipsy in order to execute our plan properly. After some time, we revealed our plan to the group. Rob and I were going to dress as gladiators (in children’s gladiators costumes which we had obtained from a toy store the day before) and have a duel at the Colosseum. One of the guys, Flo, was intrigued and asked to come with. We were stoked to have someone come along with us. The three of us became fast friends as we set off to the Colosseum, intent on finding Flo a costume on the way. We suited up and began fighting outside for, while yelling “MAXIMUS, MAXIMUS, MAXIMUS” (ala the character in “Gladiator”) to the amusement of the large crowd which always exists at this monument. That is until the authorities asked that we leave. They gave us the decency to finish of Flo in this mock battle before they ushered us away, at which time we moved down the street and continued our fight. I think the video below speaks for itself.

Our last night we, of course, went out on the party bus. And as usual it was a total shit show. It was a great way to say goodbye to Rome and goodbye to our friends at The Yellow for the second time. We will surely be back again sometime for a rematch at the Colosseum and a visit to the Trevy Fountain since it was under construction during our visits this trip.

2 thoughts on “Back to The Yellow

  1. LMAO! Who ARE you crazy people??? Love reading your travel stories guys. Keep it up. Looks like travel is doing incredible things for you two.

  2. Haha – This is only the start. Thailand has been insane! We have been here a month and done things I never thought I would do in my life. Where are you these days? Any chance we may cross paths sometime soon?

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