Mile High City

Mile High City

Our second stop and we already fell in love. Colorado is stunning. It is absolutely amazing.

We showed up in Denver on Friday evening and were staying with friends of ours – Michelle and Colin. After settling in, we went to a local bar and had a few drinks. Saturday morning Colin cooked us all a delicious breakfast which was awesome. Then we rented bikes and rode to a local brewery and had some delicious brews followed by a lunch at a place called The Source, the food was fantastic. That evening a couple of Michelle and Colin’s friends came over for dinner and drinks and Colin cooked everyone dinner. WOW. He is quite the chef. Dinner was AMAZING. I want to hire him as our personal chef from now on! We spent the rest of the evening drinking and playing games, it was a great night. Sunday we decided to go for a hike with their two pups. We packed everyone in the car and headed out. We got about 5 minutes into the hike when the skies opened up to a hail storm. The dogs were NOT happy. -neither were we. We ended up going to a nearby mountain town and eating a great brunch and we were able to get pretty close to some Elk that were hanging out outside the restaurant which was pretty neat!. We walked around the area we were for a while and the headed home for a nice chill night. We were all pretty tuckered out after the hail storm. We had a nice movie night to tie up our time in Denver. It was great. We will definitely be back again.

*We can’t thank Michelle and Colin enough for letting us stay at their house and showing us around Denver. Also for letting us stay in their cabin in Westcliffe (post to come soon).*

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