Our drive through Kansas

Our drive through Kansas

So we had about a 12 hour drive – also our longest drive thankfully from St. Louis to Denver (via Kansas) on Friday morning. While driving though Kansas we nearly met a tornado that was making its way through town, but we made it through unscathed and afterwards ended up with a beautiful sunset and a double rainbow.

Then as we continued on or drive I started to see signs…
after the third or fourth sign, I insisted that we stop. Rob was not amused, however I was ecstatic. We get there and it is $9 each so we haggle with the guy to go for $15 total. SCORE! We also find out there is a SIX, yes a SIX legged cow. WHAT? Then we get in and it the first stop is the strange and unusual taxidermy section. Weird. Oh, and the cage of like 50 rattlesnakes. We get outside and there are like 80 prairie dogs just scurrying around. I am in love. Rob is getting a little more excited. So after the mass amounts of PDogs this is just your standard petting zoo. Goats, pigs, peacocks, birds etc. Finally we find the six legged cow and there are TWO of them! How you find two six legged cows I have no idea and no we do not have pictures of them because it was too horrifying to capture on film. We wish we would have never seen them. They had like two half legs with hooves coming off their backs. It was awful. Then we found the WORLDS LARGEST PRAIRIE DOG and it was just a damn statue. What a freaking let down. I was so disappointed. Apparently Rob knew this was coming all along. I was totally duped.


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