Back to the Burgh!

Back to the Burgh!

Back to the Burgh!

Back to the Burgh! We spent the last 2 weeks in Pittsburgh. We kicked it off with a couple days with Rob’s Aunt Vicki, which was a great time. She has a pretty wooded path near her house, where we went on a long walk with her pup Sydney. There was so much wildlife on the hike, we saw EIGHT deer – one doe that let me walk almost arms length away from it and a tiny little fawn that came sprinting right up to my legs (videos and photos below). Then towards the end of the hike we walked up on a fox den with 5 baby foxes frolicking in the woods. It was an unbelievable site!

We had a jam packed week filled with fantastic Argentinian food, a Pirates game, unbelievable fireworks show, watching Titanic, watching the Pens win the Stanley Cup, walks around North Park, and a trip on the Gateway Clipper, which is a tour of the city from a boat. We finished up the weekend with a trip to the National Aviary (bird zoo) – they did a special Penguin parade in honor of the Pittsburgh Penguins winning and Rob and I snuck into the background of a newscast interview. The Aviary also added this really cool virtual reality game where you lay down and become a bird flying over New York City – you can flap your wings and go faster, it was pretty awesome.

We also went to Sandcastle and Kennywood, which are the local waterpark and amusement park. Sandcastle was a ton of fun. it was not really crowded so we were able to ride everything at least twice. Kennywood was like a Six Flags mixed with a fair. There were rollercoasters, carnival games, tons of junk food but thankfully not a ton of people.

One day we went to a place called The Meadows to watch horse racing with Rob’s mom. This was such a blast, I have never seen a horse race before and it was exciting to try to figure out the odds and guess which one would win. Rob and I ended up big time, bringing home a jackpot of over $6!!!!!

We spent a couple days near the Youghiogheny River – We went to Ohiopyle and saw a few beautiful waterfalls, Rob rode a butt busting “natural waterslide” down a creek, we went on a really pretty hike and then canoed down the Youghageny River. There was some good fishing interspersed throughout all of this which made Rob really happy and then headed up to State College to spend time with Amanda and Jeremy.

All in all – we had a wonderful two weeks with Stephanie, Paul and all our extended family. We are excited for our next stop in Ohio for the Henzler family reunion.

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