We finally made it to Cali for America day! We showed up late on the 3rd in Marysville, CA where my dear friend Stew lives. He had stocked the kitchen for me to make him his favorite – Crownies. Brownie on bottom, chocolate chip cookie on top. Delish! We woke up July 4th and set out to do all things AMERICAN. We wore our red, white and blue and headed out to shoot some guns. We got to the shooting range and Stew pulled out a couple hand guns, an assault rifle and a couple targets for us to use. What a way to start the day! A few hours of that and we decided it was time to head to Lake Tahoe for the fireworks.

We got into town and began doing all things American – drinking beer, throwing around the football and eating burgers and fries…. all while listening to America inspired songs. Once it got close to dark we decided to head to the beach to get a spot for the fireworks show – Nevada side, so we could bring our drinks with us. There was a lady checking bags at the entrance to the beach where she informed us that we were at the only beach on the Nevada side that had banned alcohol for the night – our hearts were crushed. ….So we just snuck it in instead. 🙂 …sneaky sneaky. The firework show was awesome (pictures below). We had a hotel in Carson City for the night but we were not ready to call it a night just yet so we found a 24 hour bar walking distance from our hotel called Bully’s. They had a happy hour that began at midnight. Perfect, it was 12:15. We went there, played a few rounds of pool, continued our 4th of July celebrations and eventually turned in.

The next day we started our drive back to Stew’s house but traffic was ABSURD. It was so bad that at one point, we drove by a bike rental and decided to rent a few since they were moving faster than we were. We spent the rest of the afternoon biking around town. We stopped by a few beaches and had a great day NOT sitting in traffic. We finally got back to the house and the boys introduced me to the movie “Predator.” All in all we had a great visit couple days with Stew… I wish we could have hung out with him longer.

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  1. I had so much fun! I’m so glad you guys made it out here to stay for a few days. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the birth of the greatest country on the planet than with two great Americans, doing American things! I was sad to see you go, but your stories of your trip thus far were fantastic and I look forward to reading and hearing about the rest of your epic adventures.

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