Crossing the border

Crossing the border

A slight change of plans…. we decided to go Mexico before San Diego. We headed from Vegas down the Baja penninsula to Rosarita, Mexico.

Crossing the border was surprisingly easy. No one was even there waiting for us to check our car or ID or anything. We checked websites to determine the peak volume crossing times and avoided them.

When we arrived in Rosarito and we were not as happy with it as we wanted to be, so we headed to Ensenada… where we again had the same problem. It wasn’t super warm, the water was cold, the town seemed a bit run down…. just not what we were hoping for. Instead we began searching for a new stop on our Mexican Journey.

We came across the little town of San Felipe which was about 3 hours away and on the Sea of Cortez instead of the Pacific. We decided to give it a shot. We drove over the mountainous Mexican terrain and upon arrival found it to be 15 degrees warmer.  In addition, the town was nicer and the waterfront was 100 times more inviting – we were sold. Plus we were exhausted and weren’t going to drive any further. We got a hotel right on the beach and immediately began to veg out. We spent 4 glorious days in Mexico eating as much delicious food as we possible could… Hit up the Taco Factory if you ever find yourself down there, killer food and amazing frozen drinks. We spent a lot of our time hanging out on the beach or by the pool. It was really a time for us to fully relax in contrast to our go go go schedule. We decided to go fishing on our last day which was the biggest excitement of our trip. We went out for 4 hours and within 10 seconds of dropping the anchor we were catching fish. Mid way through our day, a dolphin decided to join us and hung out near the boat. By the end of the fishing trip, we had caught 30+ fish and kept about 25. We caught corvina, calico and catfish. All of which we brought with us to San Diego for dinner!

Crossing back across the border was surprisingly just as simple. A bit of a longer wait, but only 45 minutes of saying no to hundreds of people trying to sell us various things before we head back into the states….including one man selling a coat rack (a classic impulse purchase). Once we actually got to the boarder crossing though, no questions, no searches – just let us come right back home. This is likely because we were listening to the Boss, Born in the USA, baby!

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